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If you have liability insurance, your insurance carrier will cover damages that occur to the other party. This applies even if you are receive a DUI or DWI conviction. Liability insurance only applies to the other driver in a car accident that is deemed to be your fault. This is for your protection and prevents you from having to cover medical expenses and property damage for the other driver involved.

Even if the accident occurs while you are breaking the law under the influence of alcohol, liability coverage exists to protect you. You will have your own expenses and court costs related to the DUI or DWI that will not be covered by your insurance. These costs are related to the law that was broken.

The liability coverage still stands in place despite the fact that it occurred under the influence. As a high risk driver, you will have more systems in place to make sure you have at least the minimum required liability insurance in case another incident were to happen.

Since liability insurance does not apply to your own vehicle or medical expenses, nothing will be covered under any circumstance. Liability insurance is generally the bare minimum that state auto insurance laws require for insurance coverage. For your own protection and peace of mind, it may be recommended that you get full coverage with collision and comprehensive. Drunk driving accidents still may not be completely covered, depending on your individual policy.

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